Monday, July 5, 2010


Have you ever tried a recipe, be it from a book or from a friend, that just didn't come out how you expected?
I have....many.
My new fix for these edible disasters is to REBAKE them.
I recently had this experience with a cake recipe that just would NOT bake. It stayed liquid in the middle and crisp on the edges.
I took it out of the oven and stirred it in a bowl and added more flour. Then I decided to EXPERIMENT more and added both dark and white chocolate chips along with toffee bits.
Needless to say the cake, which I then turned into cupcakes, came out AMAZING.
So please, when baking, don't get discouraged. You can always try something new and you never know what will come out.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Future Tradeshows

Precious Delights is glad to share info about several upcoming tradeshows for other small business vendors who are looking for venues to show their goods.
Please contact me should you require any additional information.
Hope to see you at one of the events

July 31st Hudson Street Fair in Hudson, Quebec

Sept. 18th Townshippers Day Festival in Danville, Quebec

Oct. 28th Lakeshore Hospital in Pointe Claire, Quebec

Nov. 20th and Nov. 21st Dollard Des Ormeaux Craft Fair in Dollard des Ormeaux, Quebec

Nov. 21st Marche de Noel in Pierrefonds, Quebec

Nov. 26th and Nov. 27th Villa Maria’s Arts & Craft Fair in Montreal, Quebec

Dec.1st and Dec.2nd John Abbott Craft Fair in Ste-Anne-de Bellevue, Quebec

Dec.5th Centennial Annual Craft Fair in Greenfield Park, Quebec

Dec.9th Jewish General Boutique Day in Montreal, Quebec

April 1,2,3 2011 National Women’s Show in Montreal, Quebec