Friday, April 12, 2013

Mini Cheese cakes.

Every friday the Admin staff of Extended Hands food bank and Resurrection Center meet to catch up on the weekly events.
We had decided that it would be a great idea to also have lunch together as we are not only co-workers but we have become a close knit family.
On occasion I will cook lunch. For the most part I bring in desserts. The Mini cheesecakes with a drizzle of milk chocolate were the lastest treats. I did keep in mind that we are trying to eat healthier, so yes they are low-fat.

You would never know cause they tasted GREAT!

I had also brought these cute treats.....

Here's how I did them.....

I washed 3 LARGE oranges then cut them in half.
Use a tablespoon to clean out the halves, but do it gently so as not to rip the rind or make any holes.
In a separate bowl I had made my jello (1cup hot water, 1/2 cup cold water. Sets faster and harder.) which I poured into each half of the orange.
I then set them in teacups to keep them balanced while they chilled in the fridge.
Once they were set enough, I use a large sharp knife and cut them as I would a regular orange to make those cute slices which everyone enjoyed.

Try it and have fun!


Since last I had really posted anything of interest I have found a loving career as the Coordinator of a TERRIFIC food bank in Lachine, Quebec called EXTENDED HANDS.

Precious Delights has always remained such a dear venture for me, but as a mom of a fast-growing 7yr old, I did need something more reliable and stable.
The cupcake business is a rough one here as there are now so many of us. Precious Delights is a one-woman show with a tiny budget, so it is hard to keep up with the rest.
Orders for my cakes, cupcakes, chocolates and now hard candy are coming in weekly.
What I really need to do is get out there and get 1 to 5 corporate deals.
There is one company who has become a faithful client. With a minimum order of 6 dozen cupcakes. Each dozen is of a different flavor. Those orders I have fun with and love the comments whenever I meet the owner to drop them off.

For those of you who really know number of different ventures has and will always continue to grow.

Yes, I still do babyshower goodies (baked and faked. LOL). Diapercakes and other diaper items are still popular. I am trying other tricks using diapers and baby items. PHOTOS TO BE POSTED SOON.

Hard candy and resin jewelry are the too newest products that I really enjoy doing.
I have also restarted making cards for various occasions.

Now with all that said....I have managed to keep my sanity and raise a FABULOUS little man. My Gabriel. He has taken to helping me with the baking by becoming my quality controller. LOL

All I do is for Him.

Better late than NEVER.

Well it has been a good 3 years since I last blogged.

I have realized that most, if not all, successful small businesses have some sort of Blog going on.

So I have returned.

There is alot to get you updated on, so please have patience with me. Even though my blog has been around for sometime, I am quite rusty at this.