Saturday, June 27, 2009


At the end of September 2009, PRECIOUS DELIGHTS will be hosting a fundraiser for the Montreal Children's Hospital.
The MCH has been a great source of comfort for many families, including ours.
We feel it is only right for us to repay them for their kindness and excellent.
Currently a venue has not been established, due to the great response, it has gone from just renting a small room in a community center to, HOPEFULLY, getting space in a mall or YMCA.
Vendors and Traffic.
Vendors don't seem to be a problem...Traffic could be (that is why a Mall is our best bet)
If you are at all interested in participating, please contact me.
I am also looking for locations to post posters. If you will allow us to do so, then once everything is finalize, I will bring posters.
Thanks in advance to Everyone.

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