Friday, May 21, 2010

Baked goods.

Well As Precious Delights is growing so are my ventures.
I have recently taken up beading and baking.
I have surprised myself, not that I didn't believe I could do it, with the end results.

Baking has become the main focus for Precious Delights and I am proud to say the orders are coming in.
I recently received an order for GLUTEN-FREE cupcakes.
Now, I'm not gonna front. I have made Gf stuff before, but just for a friend. The recipe requires way more ingredients and patience that my regular one.
My main worry was contamination with wheat products. So I bought new baking tools to avoid any mishaps.
It turns out everything went ok. The cupcakes came out GREAT!
Glad to know I made a bunch of nine year old girls happy.

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